What does the word ‘Cambiana’ mean?


Cambiana is a fantasy name – we love the power of imagination. To us it evokes the Spanish words for change (cambio) and path (camino) with an open ending. Of course, when you meet us, it might gain another meaning for you.


Passion, Energy, Success – Why these three words?


Because, for us, success is the result of great energy focused on reaching a goal, and that this goal and this energy are inspired by passion. As Hegel said: “Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion”. So our work develops along these lines and focuses on liberating creative energies for success.


Where are you from?


Our head office is in Munich, Germany, and we also have an office in Paris. Besides, many of our team members live in different European cities, have multicultural backgrounds and speak several languages. So when it comes to your international projects, flexibility and mobility are among the strengths we provide.


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