Claudia Müller

Claudia Mueller

Claudia has extensive experience in the field of international collaboration, both as a manager and a consultant, facilitator and trainer. She spent 15 years holding various management and leadership positions in the Unilever Group of Companies and with Braun/Gillette, setting up and managing affiliate offices as well as distributors and licensees across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. As a member of the Cambiana team, Claudia brings a long experience of working with Asian cultures, in particular China and India, together with strong strategic and organisational development expertise.


Claudia focuses on international business development, helping companies, leaders and teams to improve international integration and communication as well as develop appropriate structures, procedures and organisational cultures. Her passion is to help build the organisational and human preconditions for successful collaboration across boundaries and cultures. She works in German, English, French and Italian, and has a good knowledge of Spanish and some Mandarin Chinese. Of German nationality, Claudia has lived in France, the UK, Switzerland, China, Singapore and India and has worked with people from more than 40 nationalities.


Claudia is a graduate from EAP-École Européenne des Affaires/European School of Management, (now ESCP Europe), where she studied international business and management in France, the UK and Germany. Between 1999 and 2003 Claudia trained as an organizational development consultant (Systemic and Gestalt orientation, IGG Berlin) and as an intercultural facilitator and trainer (ICI, Portland).  She has been working from her Berlin office in the fields of intercultural consulting and internationalisation processes facilitation since that time.


Claudia continues to develop her professional competence through various licensing courses and regular participation in relevant professional conferences. She is licensed amongst others for the IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory), the TIP (The International Profiler) and the VPA (Virtual Performance Assessment).


Philosophy:  Creating commonality + Acknowledging difference = A Powerful Force for Success.
I believe in transforming differences into a powerful advantage by creating sufficient commonality to allow diverse perspectives to contribute to the whole.

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