Martin Münzer

Martin has worked in the area of Human Resources Development as a trainer, coach and facilitator since 1998. This is not merely a profession but his mission in life. It fills him with deep satisfaction to support individuals and companies in their development.


Martin worked and lived in the USA, Spain, England and Malaysia. Thus, he is experienced to work in an intercultural environment. He benefits from his first professional activity as a licensed interpreter and translator. Time and again companies require his services in English or Spanish. Also, in workshop settings the ‘translation’ from a person’s internal world into the other is often needed.


As a young manager in the field of software localization he received coaching, which gave his life a new turn. He was deeply impressed by the success and the instruments of this method. Not only did he want to be on the ‘receiving end’ but also to apply it himself.


Therefore, he qualified in psychological disciplines such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and ‘Gestalt’ Therapy, before he started an internship at “People Potential”, one of the leading training companies in Malaysia. Supported by very experienced trainers he learned to develop trainings, applying successful presentational skills and dealing with group dynamics in a multi-ethnical country. After a short period of time he was put in charge of conducting communicational trainings himself.


Philosophy: My motto is: ‘with pragmatism and depth’. First, we find easy solutions that can swiftly be put to practice. At the same time, looking deeper gives individual measures even greater power.


Favourite quote: “Modern Managers have the time to think about the essential. A manager is being paid for thoroughly thinking about the big questions of his company.” – Peter F. Drucker


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