Stephanie Puettker

Stephanie has been working as a facilitator for team development and as an intercultural trainer and coach for 14 years. Since 2013, her work has been focusing increasingly on leadership development. Stephanie started her career as an outdoor trainer and then expanded into indoor environments. One of her specialties is her lively process-oriented and client-centered working style.


Stephanie discovered the topic of interculture as an important issue in international teams, and she brings her enthusiasm for it into team workshops that are specifically designed for each team she is working with, as well as into intercultural awareness training sessions.


Her expertise in virtual teamwork has been exemplified in training sessions e.g. for an American food company, an American confectionary producer or a well-known German-French company.


Stephanie grew up in northern Germany, has lived in Spain and Ecuador, studied in Finland, worked on a social project in India and is currently living in Italy (Piemont) as well as in Kochel (Bavaria), raising her son bi-culturally. She works in German and English and is eloquent in Italian and Spanish.


After she gained her university degree in Social Educational Methods, Stephanie passed personnel trainer education and gained the professional qualification of “High Ropes Course Process and Security Trainer”. She completed a postgraduate study in experiential education and later a postgraduate study on intercultural communication to be a certified “Intercultural Trainer and Coach”. Furthermore, she is a licensed coach for “key4you – The Personality Key”.


In addition to experiential-based training programmes for various international companies and European institutions, Stephanie has designed and led several personal and social competencies programmes for the pharmaceutical sector. She has also worked as a lecturer at Wiesbaden University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt Technical University for Cross-Cultural Awareness and at Freiburg Faculty as a lecturer on Intercultural Teamwork. From 2004 to 2009, she was a guest teacher at Valencia University, Spain, on the subject of team development, for a postgraduate Human Resources Management course, and in 2006 at Barcelona University, Spain, on Leadership Management.


Stephanie is co-author of a book about intercultural communication and training activities: Losche & Püttker: “Interkulturelle Kommunikation – theoretische Einführung und Sammlung praktischer Interaktionsübungen”, Augsburg: Ziel, 5. Auflage, 2009.


Philosophy: Be authentic, empathetic and appreciative. Every individual in any team brings one’s own culture as character, and once there is a base of trust, it is a pleasure and an adventure to see how the individual journeys lead to a common path for the team.


Favourite quote: “What you feel does not result from what you see, but how you perceive what you see.” – Hermann Hesse

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