Building connections through co-creation


Whatever has gone beforehand, Cambiana will be your competent, collaborative and creative partner in helping you to facilitate change. We take a coaching approach to our work because we believe that your people have everything it takes to succeed. We provide the framework for them to create their own solutions. As Peter Drucker once said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it”.


Systemic change


We regard all the projects we lead as pixels in a bigger picture of reality. Based on a systemic approach, we partner with our clients in order to understand their bigger picture and the interrelations between all elements – focusing on interactions between individuals and the organisation – to design interventions that create sustainable change.




We believe that a system is sustainable when the work processes created aim at reaching goals that are supported by the organisation and are well-known by shareholders.  Sustainability for us therefore means ensuring that three intertwined aspects of the project are taken care of:

Approach - sustainability


  • Process – How things are done (creating the backbone)
  • Support – Who and what makes things possible (engaging head and heart)
  • Visibility – How what is being done is identified and recognised (appreciating insights)


… it’s a journey on which we are happy to accompany you.

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