Guidelines and standards


We align our work with strong guidelines and values in order to ensure high quality standards. These standards are shared by all members of our team and community, and they are at the heart of our methodology and work processes, from needs assessment to roll-out, as described below.


We foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, diversity of opinions and tangible results.


Our guidelines are based on three principles: partnering with our clients, measuring outcomes and success, and team collaboration and coaching.


Quality process


This interactive process is based on several phases, from needs analysis to final results assessment, and includes regular feedback from stakeholders and multiple progress updates.

Quality process

Throughout this process, we share our analysis of the situation with you and make sure we are working on a common understanding of the objectives and what needs to be done.


Furthermore, we also ensure that at the end of the project, both the agreed upon objectives and outcomes are reviewed and measured together with you, before providing you with our recommendations to increase the sustainability of the results.


In order to ensure the highest quality, we always work as a team when on projects, from tandem teams to as many experts as required for a specific solution. In addition, each project team is allocated an internal coach who will make sure that important questions are being tackled. Our priority is that you always get the best from our teams.

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