The toolbox


As consultants and facilitators, we are trained in a wide range of skillsets for personal and team development; all of these tools can be integrated in the assessment and facilitation processes. In workshops and coaching sessions, tools and instruments are combined with proven facilitation techniques and coaching methods.


Tools 1 PersonalTools 2 Trust

Tools 3 VirtualTools 4 Intercultural

Personal, Leadership and Team Development


  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)
  • DISC Assessment
  • HoganLead Assessment Suite
  • International Leadership Trust Indicator® (ILTI®)
  • Situational Leadership® II (SLII®)
  • Lominger Leadership and Team Architects®
  • TetraMap®
  • ChangeGrid
  • VisualsSpeak™ (Visual Imaging Tool)


Trust in International Cooperation


  • International Teams Trust Indicator® (ITTI®)
  • International Leadership Trust Indicator® (ILTI®)


Virtual Teamwork


  • VPA™ (Virtual Performance Assessment)
  • ArgonautOnline™ (Platform for intercultural competence and teamwork)


Intercultural Competence


  • TIP™ (The International Profiler)
  • ArgonautOnline™ (Platform for intercultural competence and teamwork)
  • IDI™ (Intercultural Development Inventory)
  • ICS™ (Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory)
  • COI® (Culture Orientation Indicator)


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