Creative workshops

Passion for performance


True to our belief that passion and creativity liberate the “sustainable energy” that leads to higher performance, we provide a series of creative painting workshops to align actions with passion, around the topics of innovation and knowledge transfer, personal and team development, visioning and team building. The art project acts as a catalyst to engage people in authentic leadership and collaboration and captures individual energies to foster the success of the team and the organisation.


In these workshops, management techniques, as well as personal and team development tools, are combined with art practices and visual methods in a creative process that liberates and integrates energies into the work reality of our participants.


Our creative painting workshops offer a combination of experiential activities interwoven with a collaborative art project. The culmination of the workshops is an artwork that can be displayed and act as a reminder and symbol for sustainable collaboration and each participant’s role therein.



Creative Painting Workshop for Successful Knowledge Transfer

Multipliers are often asked to create new systems for sharing information across departments, functions and divisions. Thus, they need the ability to re-package information for a variety of uses and audiences. The skills of engagement, creativity and…

Creative Painting Workshop for Team Effectiveness based on the MBTI®

Knowing and understanding one’s self and others is crucial to performing as a team. Based on four dimensions (preferences) and 16 different personality types, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) offers an excellent opportunity to discover and dev…

Creative Painting Workshop for Team Vision and Identity

New teams are often expected to develop a common vision and build their own identity as key success factors in accomplishing their mission. Part of this process happens naturally as the team grows across diverse challenges, e.g. in collaboration with…

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