Creative Painting Workshop for Team Effectiveness based on the MBTI®

Knowing and understanding one’s self and others is crucial to performing as a team. Based on four dimensions (preferences) and 16 different personality types, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) offers an excellent opportunity to discover and develop one’s personality. It is key to understanding what a team profile means in terms of what roles personality types play in teamwork, how teams function and how team members interact. The MBTI® also offers strong common ground for team effectiveness and development.


In this two-day workshop, participants will explore their own Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® profile and the profile of their team. They will use creativity as a way to connect with themselves and team members, and reconnect with their business environment at a deeper level. The process will be structured yet flowing and will involve the creation of both individual and team-based artwork. This creative painting concept allows a live exploration of each preference and type, as well as a team reflection on perceptions, observed behaviours and development areas.




  • Discover Myers-Briggs types of team and their implications on teamwork
  • Personalise and make team members’ contributions tangible
  • Activate right brain thinking
  • Create common ground for team development
  • Build trust  

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