Cambiana offers coaching, training, workshops, tools and surveys to unleash the power of people for change and growth.


New ways of working call for flexible teams, who can collaborate seamlessly across different functions and cultures.


The more we know ourselves, the more we can build on our strengths to reach goals and thrive in complex environments.


Today’s business world requires organizational development to embrace changes constantly in order to sustain and grow.


We are passionate about releasing potential and see great opportunities for growth and excellence in the ever-evolving workplace. And yet, it also brings challenges and pressure, such as having to deliver faster today while shaping tomorrow, creating the longer future of the organization in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment, and responding to intensified global competition with more innovation. Ultimately, we believe that people have everything it takes to succeed and grow. They just need the right conditions.

That’s why we produce the framework to connect all available resources and ignite personal strengths. Together with our clients, we co-develop smart solutions to keep in motion for tomorrow while increasing today’s performance – in a healthy, sustainable, and energizing mindset. Our approach draws upon three intertwined aspects of human and organizational development: Personality, Teamwork and Change. Where to begin doesn’t matter. What really matters is to start the journey.

So let’s get started!


Appreciative Culture

We believe in the value of appreciation. In fact, positive communication shapes the feedback culture needed to build successful products and relationships. Therefore, we work with an appreciative and strengths-based approach that creates change, open dialogue and deep connections.

Multicultural Team

Diversity is a key value for us. Thus, all our multilingual coaches, consultants and trainers bring intercultural competence together with international business experience. And as we are based in different locations, we can be as international as you need us to be.

Innovative Solutions

Our human-centered approach blends virtual and face-to-face interventions, so we can offer standard and customized solutions for teams and leaders, wherever they are. Our coaching, training, team and change facilitation services foster cross-cultural agility, creativity and resilience.

Advanced Technology

We love technology when it helps to connect people, creates change and makes enjoyable experiences. We use trusted platforms and tools that seamlessly integrate assessments, surveys, data visualization, collaborative practices, and feedback to enrich personal interactions.


"Nice workshop with cool activities and group tasks."

Head of Sales Team, Publishing Industry

"I will recommend the workshop as I like the moderators, they know how corporate employees work and how to motivate them to reveal identity and unity."

 Global Team Leader, Technology Industry

"It was a great teambuilding and I enjoyed it a lot. I met my colleagues and learned a lot about them and also how the team should in fact work better together."

 Member of R&D Team, Electronic Industry

"Cambiana has done great work in helping to get the culture change project framed and rolling. "

HR Business Partner, Technology Industry

"Great and convenient atmosphere, excellent moderation…good start for collaboration, speaking with one voice"

Medical Affairs Director, Pharma Industry