• 13.07.21
    When it comes to planning the next vacation, you quickly realize that people have very different ideas about what the perfect vacation looks like: A well-planned city vacation or a spontaneous last-minute booking, a creative retreat or a rather a festival with friends. What you choose says a lot about your personality and your individual MBTI® type. The key toRead more
  • 05.05.21
    We are used to see stress as a negative factor in our lives that damages our health. Nevertheless, some of the latest research on stress and health show very interesting results: while most scientists confirm that a lot of chronic stress should be avoided, they shed a differentiated light on stress. The consequences of stress on our health are directly… Read more
  • 09.04.21
    In times where change, digital transformation and globalization have become common place, it is particularly important to use our creativity and innovative power to find solutions to emerging problems. Today, knowledge is accessible everywhere and at all times. New ideas spread across borders and cultures at a rapid pace. Creative activities as well as social networking promote personal development and… Read more
  • 10.03.21
    We recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s steps on the moon. It was a breakthrough made possible by human effort and cutting-edge technology. Inevitably, we remember the astronaut’s famous quote, “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Much like the discovery of space, digitization is advancing exponentially in many areas of research and daily… Read more