• 21.11.23
    In the dynamic landscape of professional growth and development, understanding the role of triggers is paramount. Triggers are the catalysts that can influence our responses and behaviors, and at Cambiana, we recognize their significance in fostering personal and professional development. Our programs focus on essential areas such as Change, Personality, Communication, and Teams, all of which are deeply intertwined with… Read more
  • 05.01.23
    Wandering around SEA as a European tourist. I have been traveling around South East Asia for more than one month now and I am aware that this doesn’t mean knowing SEA at all. It was for me an opportunity to grasp some impressions of the very rich cultures of this region, which a lot of Europeans like me are visiting… Read more
  • 28.10.22
    Ethnocentrism vs Ethnorelativism When I start a long trip, facing a very different culture than mine, I am  aware I will have to watch out not being ethnocentric. I have been visiting many other places before, but this time I would still say it is again a new start, so what has changed? My age? My job? My condition? Maybe. And… Read more
  • 17.10.22
    Improving the health and wellness of employees can lead to better productivity and overall output. Healthier employees are also more likely to be happier in the workplace, resulting in a more positive work culture where employees can communicate and better collaborate with each other. In 2020, an online survey from Statista found that 52% of employers in the US … Read more
  • 27.09.22
    International teams are supported by very similar pillars as national teams but these have to be looked at from an intercultural perspective. By doing so, it is possible to identify different approaches and commonalities for highly effective teamwork.   1. Common goal and understanding International teams need clear and comprehensible goals with which all team members can identify. Even if… Read more
  • 01.06.22
    Nowadays international collaboration is essential and a fundamentally synergistic and profitable corporate strategy. However, in order to be able to skim off this added value, a higher investment is required for cross-cultural teamwork than for national cooperation – and this is often forgotten. On the one hand, we encounter the very normal problem areas that can also be found in… Read more
  • 25.01.22
    “As humans, we can identify galaxies light years away and we can study particles smaller than an atom, but we still haven’t unlocked the mystery of the 3 lbs of matter that sits between our ears” – President Barack Obama on the BRAIN initiative, 2015. Neurosciences bring fascinating light to different forms of human intelligence, whether individual or collective systems. Read more
  • 09.04.21
    In times where change, digital transformation and globalization have become common place, it is particularly important to use our creativity and innovative power to find solutions to emerging problems. Today, knowledge is accessible everywhere and at all times. New ideas spread across borders and cultures at a rapid pace. Creative activities as well as social networking promote personal development and… Read more
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