Change Management

Bring together people, technology & culture to build better organizations

Successful change and cultural transformations show strong alignment between strategic purpose, change capabilities and leadership behaviors. That is why we focus our work on bringing together people’s behaviors with the processes and systems at stake. With a flexible yet structured framework, we ignite a positive and innovative mindset for all stakeholders to engage into the change process.
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IT Systems


Mergers & Acquisitions


Strategic Change & Innovation

New Products & Business Models

The Change Compass

Visualize the impact of change on your organization

Integrated to our offer, The Change Compass, a cloud based tool,  helps organizations create a picture of change impacts on people, at different organizational levels and on customer experience.

The Change Compass allows forecasting business operations and the resourcing impacts from change, supports agile ways of working with continuous changes, and builds up business change capability and strategic decision-making in change implementation.
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Single view of change

Get one integrated picture of what is changing, allowing diagnostic views at different organizational levels.

Forecast business impact

Forecast business operations and resourcing impacts from changes, e.g. frontline resourcing, engagement channels, stakeholders.

Agile ways of working

Support agile ways of working through planning and managing iterative and continuous changes across the board.

Customer impacts

View integrated heat maps of all change impacts on customer experience, customer type by customer type.

Business change capability

Through iterative planning, data & operational feedback, learn how to effectively plan & manage change implementation.

Strategic focus

Upgrade change work to become more strategic, leveraging data to have strategic conversations and drive fact-based decisions.

An innovative blend of face-to-face & digital interventions

The people side of change

Cultural transformation

Our strengths-based methodology and positive approach to change engage stakeholders in all steps of the transformation of their organization. By building upon the resources that make change spread and mapping change impacts, we help you shift mindsets and behaviors.

We bring people tools and skills to increase empowerment, motivation and resilience.

New ways of working

Virtual teamwork, flex time, shared workspace and high information flows: working in an increasingly globalized and digital economy means stronger collaboration mechanisms, fast adaptability, enhanced change-readiness and agile work practices.

We support the transformation of your teams so they can perform at their best in a highly connected and ever-changing work environment.

Change leaders

Leading change is about enhancing the powers of collective resilience and imagination: being able to think systems that do not exist yet, anticipate future work practices, and start building today the organizational capabilities of tomorrow.

We equip your leaders with innovative methods enabling a systemic view of change and effective stakeholder management.