We have known the creators of CultureConnector and used their intercultural platform with great results for years. The team’s passion for “cross-culture and the impact that intercultural competence can have on business effectiveness, individual performance, personal happiness and global community” is at the source of CultureConnector, the tool they created to grow intercultural competence in the world.

So, we are very excited to start this new step in our journey together with the CultureConnector community and announce the start of our Corporate Partnership.

Both cultural assessment and learning platform from CultureConnector have transformed over the years to fit the evolution of web and mobile technologies, as well as of user habits. It is a very user-friendly, fun and knowledgeable tool offering great support to leverage international business and cultural diversity.

The CultureConnector mission is to “help people do business in new cultures with the confidence and success that they have in their own culture and to find the 1+1=3 magic of multicultural teams where cultural difference becomes a strength and an opportunity”. This statement strongly resonates and aligns with our own values for international cooperation.

Curious about getting CultureConnector for your teams? Try it out.