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High-Performing Remote Teams

Team Vision
& Roadmap

Intercultural Teamwork

Collaboration & Team Development (MBTI Assessment)

Communication & Conflict
(TKI Assessment)

Team Alignment
& Ways of Working

Unleashing Team Innovation Potential (MBTI Assessment)

Team Trust & Bonding
(TTI Assessment)

Team Roles & Responsabilities (Belbin Assessment)

Virtual Team Booster

4 hours over 1 day

A Team Booster is a short and laser-focused team intervention to help team members focus, re-energize, and quickly identify improvement points on a specific topic for higher effectiveness and performance.

Participants: 4+ people
Price: from 425€/pers./topic (incl. assessment)

Virtual Team Coaching

14 hours over 3 weeks

Virtual Team Coaching is a deep process that helps team members and their leaders increase the quality of their collaboration and their results on a specific topic while keeping momentum and fostering higher resilience.

Participants: 4+ people
Price: from 775€/pers./topic (incl. assessment) 

Training for Smart Leadership Development
& Personal Effectiveness

All our online trainings are highly hands-on with strong interaction and collaborative aspects.

Duration: 4 hours over 1-2 weeks  –  Participants: 2+ people
Price: from 250€/pers./topic

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Time Management & Personal Productivity

Working with Intercultural
Teams & Partners

Resilience in
Challenging Times

Virtual Teams

Negotiations & Conflict Management


Influencing &
Persuasion Skills

Leadership &
Team Management

Effective Communication
& Inspiring Feedback

& Decision Making

Presentation Skills



Emotional Intelligence
& Stress Management

Digital Leadership Program

Our 4-month leadership program comprises personal MBTI® leadership assessment, individual coaching, digital group workshops, peer coaching, fieldwork and interactive online activities supported by the ongoing support of your coach. Also available in blended format with 4 in-person workshops. Click here for more information, all-digital or blended.

Duration: 60 hours over 4 months
Participants: 4+ people
Price: 4595€/pers.

The program is based on the 6 modules below:

Personal Profiling & Self-Awareness

Great leadership starts with self-reflection

 Leadership Styles & Performance

Carve your own leadership footprint


Impactful Communication & Feedback

Grow your leadership presence


Emotions & Resilience

Unlock the power of your emotional intelligence

Relationships & Influence

Build and sustain a productive network


Risk-taking Strategies & Agility

Win or learn… Thriving in times of complexity

Individual Digital Business & Executive Coaching

From coach selection to coaching process planning and quality measurement, we offer fully integrated digital solutions with:

  • privatized space on digital coaching platform (smartphone, tablet, desktop) with learning nuggets

  • video-conferencing function with ad hoc support from our coaches

  • personal assessments with individual report and interactive development plan

Duration:  120 min./month during 4, 8 or 12 months
Price: from 460€/month

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MBTI Potential Analysis & Coaching 

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is one of the most well-respected and commonly used personal development tools in the world. It provides the foundations for a deep understanding of personal motivations and group interactions.

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Package 1: Self-Discovery
590 €

Licensed MBTI® questionnaire

90-minute online debriefing session

MBTI® workbook with exercises

3-month digital coaching space

MBTI® 2-page personal report

60-minute coaching

Package 2: Personal Growth
790 €

Licensed MBTI® questionnaire

90-minute online debriefing session

MBTI® workbook with exercises

3-month digital coaching space

MBTI® 16-page personal report

90-minute coaching

Package 3: Business Impact
990 €

Licensed MBTI® questionnaire

90-minute online debriefing session

MBTI® workbook with exercises

3-month digital coaching space

MBTI® 24-page personal report

2×60-minute coaching

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