In our experience, successful teams and leaders share one secret ingredient: trust. Whatever the focus – team effectiveness, leadership performance or talent development – trust is the nucleous that binds people together and enables growth.

We found that WorldWork® had developed unique products to identify, measure and leverage trust in all kinds of work relationships – with team members, peers and leaders.

Building upon years of experience using their tools, we are proud to officially start a close partnership as Brand Ambassador for the WorldWork® Trust Indicators.

In all our years working in developing teams and leaders in an ever-changing, international business world, the concept of trust was a core element to build upon, so they could thrive. We are thrilled to have found robust tools to make trust tangible.

Thanks to the International Teams Trust Indicator and the Trusted Leadership Indicator tools, we can now work very concretely with all stakeholders on their own trust reality, compare it with other teams and turn human perceptions into tangible results.

Want to increase trust with ITTI and TLI-360? We’re here to help.