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Application form for the Cambiana Leadership Programs

To apply to our leadership program please complete our three step process:

1.    Make sure you are aligned with the learning requirements of the program (below)
2.    Check out the class session calendar to confirm your availability for the program scheduled workshops
3.    Submit your application & receive a confirmation email within 24 hours

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Your 3 learning commitments for the Cambiana Leadership Programs


We provide a safe learning environment to help you expand your comfort zone. Yet you are the one stretching: In order to get results you’ve never gotten before, you need to do something you’ve never done before.

You recognize that this is a never-ending process: Each level of success you reach just leads to the next boundary of your comfort zone. You will keep expanding this boundary.

Try out 

You are always learning something. You commit to always try stuff to see what happens, ask for feedback, reflect on the experience and find a way to make it better. It’s not personal. It’s an experiment. It’s growth. Also, you commit to contribute to creating a safe, respectful and appreciative learning environment.


Even if you have a lot to do at work and at home, you will focus on developing your skills.

You understand that by doing all the individual tasks and interactive activities with the other learners in the group.

You will give yourself the best chance of success.