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Anchor the unique leadership culture of your organization

State-of-the-art leadership models &
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Highly interactive & hands-on
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Our in-house leadership development programs are co-designed with you to integrate your leadership principles and competence model, and respond to the needs of your different groups of leaders. Drawing on an innovative blend of experiential training, digital learning and personal profiling, our programs will help you grow your managers into transformational leaders.

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The 6 modules of the in-house Cambiana Leadership Program

Research shows that effective leadership is based on cultivating interpersonal dynamics and developing emotional intelligence. Therefore, we designed our leadership programs around 6 modules that encompass these essential skills.

The standard languages of the program are English, German and French. Should you need it in another language, please let us know.

Module 1

Personal profiling & discovery

Great leadership starts with self-reflection

increase self-awareness about your strengths and develop areas to move from high performer to leader.

Module 2

Leadership styles & identity

Carve your own footprint

Explore different leadership styles and motivational factors to find your unique leadership signature and understand others’ needs in various situations.

Module 3

Emotions & resilience

Unlock the power of your emotional intelligence

Develop your ability to reduce stress, successfully turn difficult situations and relationships into rewarding experiences, and increase change-readiness.


Module 4

Personal impact & communication

Grow your leadership presence

Make appreciative communication and effective feedback part of everyday life to motivate your teams and achieve your goals.


Module 5

Relationships & influence

Build and sustain a productive network

Use tools and techniques to develop your empathy and persuasion skills, and grow your circle of influence.


Module 6

Risk-taking strategies & agility

Win or learn… Thriving in times of complexity

Release your innovation potential by expanding your comfort zone, practicing agile learning & visualizing your personal roadmap.

Customize the structure of your own Leadership Program

Depending on your specific needs and leaders’ groups, we suggest 3 leadership development programs, integrating personal profiling, digital learning, peer coaching, face to face training and individual coaching. Please contact us if you have questions about which format best suits your needs: campus@cambiana.com or +49 (0)89 1222 496 00 

Open or in-house, choose your road to success

In-House Training Format, where you like

In-House Training brings strong benefits to both your organization and your management:
Training leaders together in one group creates bonding, increases trust with each other, facilitates greater knowledge-sharing and reinforces their alignment with your corporate values and cultural standards.

You can choose the format that is better adapted to your situation. Please contact us for in-house enquiries or if you have questions about which format best suits your needs: campus@cambiana.com or +49 (0)89 1222 496 00 

An innovative blend of face to face & digital coaching

Each module blends online targeted and bite-sized training, gamification, live group exercises and reflection as well as follow-up work to boost the effect of the face-to-face activities. This combination enables you to get familiar with the models used, experience key insights from your peers, and transfer knowledge immediately into your work reality.

Benefits of the in-house Cambiana Leadership Program

Career development

> Grows leadership skills through comprehensive course with immediate on-the-job application

> Develops own network and bonding with fellow leaders from the company

> Trains a leader-coach mindset for authentic relationship-building, empowerment and high-performing teams

Organizational developement

> Creates a global leadership culture

> Increases team productivity and commitment

> Facilitates knowledge-sharing

> Reinforces alignment with your corporate values, communication and cultural standards of behaviors

Personal development

> Enables career development while maintaining job and family commitments

> Boosts self-confidence and assertiveness in times of change and complexity 

> Reduces stress, increases resilience for a balanced life

Program director

Gaelle Piernikarch

Gaelle is the founder and CEO of Cambiana Consulting.

With 20 years’ international experience in marketing communications, business development and project management for diverse industries, Gaelle has also been working as a coach, team facilitator and leadership trainer for the past twelve years, designing and leading learning programs for more than 5,000 executives worldwide.

She enjoys partnering with leaders and their teams to help them build on their strengths and share valuable experiences so they can thrive in ever-changing work environments. Gaelle deeply believes in diversity in society and the workplace to foster creativity, high performance and growth.

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