Anchor the unique working culture of your organization

Create bonding, increase trust and strenghten alignment with your corporate values and cultural standards.
Design a program tailored to your specific needs with the topics of your choice:

Time Management & Personal Productivity

Working with Intercultural
Teams & Partners

Resilience in
Challenging Times

High-Performing Teams

Negotiations & Conflict Management


Influencing &
Persuasion Skills

Leadership &
Team Management

Effective Communication
& Inspiring Feedback

& Decision Making

Communication &
Presentation Skills



Emotional Intelligence
& Stress Management

We can deliver our classical “Cambiana Lerdership Program” in your organization as of 8 participants.

From seed startups to multinational companies, these organizations chose Cambiana Leadership Programs
to meet their leadership development requirements.

Individual & Community Based Learning

Our training methodology draws upon the latest findings in neurosciences to foster transformational learning through personalized leadership development, in-depth activities which turn powerful models into positive learning experiences, a strengths-building approach to realize your potential and engage your teams, and a peer coaching practice that creates sustainable change.

Benefits of the Cambiana trainings

Individual ROI

> Complete training alongside your current work with immediate on-the-job application

> Boost your self-confidence and assertiveness 

> Reduce and cope with stress, and increase your resilience for a balanced life

> Find your own style to lead authentically, develop talents, and address areas for development

> Receive and deliver feedback with serenity and confidence

> Become a more effective negotiator and presenter

Organizational ROI

> Establish your leadership culture with guidelines, best practices and standards of behavior

> Retain and develop high-potential managers

> Increase critical thinking and solution-focus to solve problems

> Drive global performance while effectively managing internal and external stakeholders

> Develop strategic leaders to move your company forward

> Enhance innovation in your organization by developing growth mindset and inclusive teams

Individual coaching: Advanced guidance for high performance

Recent studies show that a leadership program with follow-up coaching leads to up to 88% better performance.
Managers tend to learn and adopt new behaviors more easily when they are actively engaged and personally supported in their learning process.


4 Coaching Sessions

3 sessions during the program
and 1 after it.

Price: 1.499 €


 6 Coaching Sessions

6 coaching sessions within 6 months after the program, at your own pace.

Price: 2.199 €


 10 Coaching Sessions

10 sessions within 1 year,
at your own pace.

Price: 3.499 €

The coaching process is entirely tailored to your professional challenges and the attainment of your goals.
he more you practice new habits, the more natural it becomes to change behaviors and improve your leadership skills.

They trust Cambiana

Cambiana is guiding the leadership development of global companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurial ventures everywhere in Europe – since 2012.