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The future of leadership in the age of digitalization & artificial intelligence

How will artificial intelligence and human intelligence interact over the next decade? What will be the impact on business?

Though it is difficult to predict what it will look like, we can see some trends emerge, that we develop in our Cambiana Leadership Programs.

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A new Compact Leadership Program dedicated to young leaders 

For young managers, the current challenge of guiding people through uncertainty and into the new reality brings timeless needs into sharper focus. Emotional intelligence and flexibility become even more essential now, in order to keep teams cohesive, engaged and motivated.

Provide your leaders with state-of-the-art tools and training, increase their critical thinking and solution-focus to solve problems efficiently. And move your company forward!

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Cambiana Leadership Program – Module 6: Risk-taking Strategies & Agility

Are you generally willing to take some risks or do you rather feel more confident staying in your comfort zone? What do you need to feel safe while stepping into the unknown?

Over the last years, agility became crucial to all organizations to remain competitive in a constantly changing and volatile environment. Why is it so? What does agility mean to you as a leader? Do you know how to best manage complexity?

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Cambiana Leadership Program – Ein Case Study von der Myers-Briggs Company!

Cambiana Consulting hat ein erfolgreiches FĂŒhrungskrĂ€ftetraining entwickelt, um mithilfe des MBTI die emotionale Intelligenz von FĂŒhrungskrĂ€ften zu stĂ€rken. Lest in unsere Case Study um zu erfahren, wie Cambiana Consulting FĂŒhrungskrĂ€fte befĂ€higt, Mitarbeiter souverĂ€n zu fĂŒhren und Emotionen besser zu verstehen.

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Cambiana Leadership Program – Module 5: Relationships & Influence

What if you were recognized as a powerful leader able to strongly influence your teams and key stakeholders?
And what if your teams appreciated you for being a leader who can at the same time show deep empathy, great listening skills, and inspire while helping others find their own best solutions?

As you might already guess, our module 5 focusses on the art of building authentic relationships with persuasion and coaching skills.

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Cambiana Leadership Program – Module 4: Emotional Intelligence & Resilience

Emotional Intelligence is often mentioned as an essential competence to become a successful leader. “Statistics from Harvard, Stanford, and Carnegie Foundation show that 85–87% of our success accounts from soft skills, emotional intelligence, and personal skills, yet we only pay attention to them 10% of the time.”
But, what is meant exactly by Emotional Intelligence? Is it about connecting Emotions & Intelligence? How can your emotional Intelligence influence your leadership capabilities?

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Cambiana Leadership Program – Module 3: Performance management & leadership styles

Which Leader are you? Are you naturally highly supportive with your team members or do you prefer delegating? Or you maybe prefer acting as a coach or rather using a more directive leadership style? Do you regularly and easily adapt your leadership style to the situation and collaborators?

Our module 3 will enable you to make a powerful relation between your strengths identified with MBTI (see Module 1) and your own leadership style

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Cambiana Leadership Program – Module 2: Impactful Communication & Feedback

We are all aware that the way we communicate significantly impacts our ability to connect, influence and motivate people.

What if you developed and learned how to improve your communication skills to gain more presence and communicate with full authenticity and empathy? What about the positive impact on your working style, your relationships, on your individual performance and your career?

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Cambiana Leadership Program – Module 1: Personality Discovery based on MBTI

Are you aware of where do you get your energy from? Is it from reading a book when you have some time free or rather from meeting & connecting with friends while sharing a nice dinner?
Our first Leadership Module is based on the well-known personality assessment MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator), largely used worldwide with 3,5 Million assessments per year. One of the key principles of Carl Jung’s model of “Psychological Types” is that each of us has an innate urge to grow & this personal growth starts with understanding how we operate in the world.

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We welcome Carlos Hagenaars as our Cambiana Benelux Program Director!

We are thrilled to announce the opening of Cambiana Benelux, in cooperation with Carlos Hagenaars as Benelux Program Director, effective as of February 1st, 2020. Among others, Carlos will introduce the Cambiana Leadership Programs into the Dutch and Belgian markets this Spring.

“As a consultant and coach, my passion is to support organizations to deal with growth challenges and help teams flourish. Organizational as well as personal leadership provide the awareness and conscious to achieve a higher level of team cooperation and individual well-being “ so Carlos Hagenaars.

We are proud to be able to draw on Carlos’ extensive experience and business acumen: before being a consultant and coach, Carlos built a technical career in building products and leading teams as an executive in a variety of international senior management roles, including General-, Development-, Product-, and Sales Management. Carlos is trained as a team coach in Organizational & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) at CRR Global, trained in the fundamentals of Co-active Coaching (CTI) and licensed as a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) practitioner. We wish Carlos and Cambiana Benelux lots of success!

Conference in Berlin: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”

Gaelle will be speaker at the “Rising Pineapples” conference in Berlin on Sunday March 8th! Come and discover how self-awareness and emotional intelligence can be the foundations of an influential leadership.

How do MBTI types show their love?

February 14th
 about what else could we talk, if not love?  The way one show affection and attention can differ drastically between individuals and are determined by a variety of variables, such as personality.

So it’s no surprise that each MBTI type has their own way of showing their partners just how much they care, from writing love notes to spending a candle evening together. Check you profile here!

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We’re looking for MBTI certified coaches


– Conception and implementation of soft skill trainings, specially leadership programs
– Organisation and implementation of coaching and workshops
– Creation and updating of documentation and trainer manuals
– Analysis and reporting on training activities and quality measures
– Conception, implementation and follow-up of e-learning tools

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Create a rewarding feedback culture & unleash your innovation potential

By Gaelle Piernikarch, 22.08.2019

Creating a rewarding feedback culture in the organization, that allows to learn and grow, is key to innovate. As the brain cannot at the same time strive to survive (Fear system) and seek to expand (Seeking system), companies have to choose one system or the other. A feedback culture that fosters innovation will look at aspirations, encourage experimentation, connectedness, information-sharing and self-expression.

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How the sea inspires a different way of managing change

By Euan Wu, 07.08.2019

Dipping below the surface of what various senior stakeholder groups are looking for in change, we start to see a different picture of what employees see.  Let’s open our eyes to the various colours, shapes, and sizes of the attitudes, preferences and feedback of employees.  When we start to see the diversity of different types of employees and where they are at, we can then leverage them to better drive and position the change for success.

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Learn how to improve your work-life balance

By Gaelle Piernikarch, 31.07.2019

With increasing pressure for performance and technologies that enable us to work around the clock, work-life balance has been a hot topic for years now. Although its meaning might be different from one person to another, there is a common understanding that the danger lies in letting work take precedence over our private activities. And so, we should protect our private life and give it enough space, time and energy to keep things in balance.

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Focus & relax – Learn how to improve your learning skills

By Gaelle Piernikarch, 22.07.2019

What neurosciences and psychology tell us about how the brain learns:
Some of the latest research in cognitive sciences tells us that we all have two essential thinking modes: the focused mode and the diffuse mode. In their book “Learning How to Learn” 1, Dr. Oakley and Dr. Sejnowski explain that the focused mode “involves a direct approach to solving problems using rational, sequential, analytical approaches.

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How to boost your innovation power

By Gaelle Piernikarch, 16.07.2019

In times when change, digital transformation and globalization have become daily topics, there is a strong emphasis on drawing upon our creativity and innovative strengths to find solutions to the new problems that arise. Knowledge is now accessible everywhere and anytime, and new ideas spread at fast pace across borders and cultures. Creative activities are supportive of personal development and social networking, and large corporations strive to follow the example of innovative start-ups.

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What is self-awareness & how to develop it

By Gaelle Piernikarch, 10.07.2019

From ancient Greece philosophy to modern psychology, knowing who we are and understanding our own inner world has been playing a key role in bringing human beings to a stage of personal growth.
Defined as “knowing one’s internal states, preference, resources and intuitions”, self-awareness helps us, in a non-judgmental way, to understand and monitor our thoughts and emotions as they arise.

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The 5 surprises I discovered in managing an agile digital project

By Euan Wu, 23.06.2019

Having worked on very large digital projects over the years I‘m familiar with the different phases of the project lifecycle and lean/agile/scaled agile methodologies. However, managing a digital project hands-on has revealed some very surprising learnings for me.

I will share this in the following.

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Success as a key driver in your life?

By CĂ©dric Ullrich, 06.06.2019

We all run after it… but what is “success”actually? And what purpose should we follow on a personal scale, but also for larger organizations including governments and companies, to have a fulfilled life?

Cedric Ullrich, Cambiana’s coach for mindfulness and stress management, shares with us a few essential insights inspired by the ancient Indian texts.

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Speaking in German as an Irishman

By Mel Kelly, 10.05.2019

More than 100 years ago, American author Mark Twain said: “Life is too short to speak German”

I’m from Ireland and moved to Germany in 2003. I quickly developed a taste for the finer things in life, Germany had to offer: beer, sausage and sauerkraut.  It soon became clear that I should learn some German soon if I wanted to have food on the table or clothes in my wardrobe.  It was difficult, very difficult

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The ultimate guide to designing a 5-star change journey


Hospitality managers, don’t miss this article ! You would probably be glad to be able to offer a 5- star level experience for impacted stakeholders so that they undergo an amazing and memorable change journey. 
What does a 5-star experience look like? Let’s learn from what a 5- stars hotel does and mimic the process of creating a 5-star experience for impacted employees.

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Stress victim or stress hacker


According to the WHO, almost one in ten people worldwide suffer from depression or severe anxiety. Approximately 13% of all sick days can be attributed to mental illness, their share almost doubled between 2000 and 2013 . But can’t we see stress and anxiety as a stimulus for personal (self-)development? If we learn to hack the stress on a physical level?

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A flower for each MBTI profile.


Now that Winter is giving way to Spring and the trees are beginning to bud, it may be time to think about our personal Growth. The MBTI offers a flexible framework for lifelong development as well as powerful metaphors to let our personality flourish. If you were a plant, what plant type would you be?

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International Women’s Day paves the way


International Women’s Day (now a pubic holiday in Berlin), numerous debates about closing the gender gap, quota for women in management
 Never before had the awareness about the unbalanced treatment between men and women in western societies been so strong.

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Leverage cultural differerences & boost your intercultural relations


At Cambiana, we encourage multiculturalism as we deeply believe in the power of diversity. In many projects requiring high intercultural competence, we have been supporting the work of our trainers by using CultureConnector: a web-based platform with cultural assessment and a knowledge database on 80 countries that helps enhancing business effectiveness, individual performance and team development across cultures.

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Business is a comedy!


Great leaders have a presence you will never forget. In this respect, being on stage as a comedian certainly is one of the best leadership schools. Find out why exactly in this article by our Comedy expert Mel Kelly.

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The power of love in business – Love to lead, lead with love


“Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.” Lord Byron.

There are so many beautiful and powerful quotes about LOVE – Quotes of love and compassion, love and grandeur, love and beauty. On Valentine Day today, we started to talk at Cambiana about the power of love in business, love and success, love and leadership. Want to read more about The Power of Love in Business & Lead with Love?
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Disco, diversity & managing change


Diversity is one of our core values at Cambiana. As a multicultural team, we know from experience that diverse teams have the potential to bring the highest levels of performance, innovation and resilience to their organization. In fact, the more an organization welcomes and integrates all forms of diversity, the more differentiation there will be in perspectives at work, which provides a powerful framework to build talent and foster change. More about Diversity and Change…

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We are proud to announce the launch of our Cambiana Leadership Program in Berlin this Spring. Want to make a difference through your leadership practice?

Apply now and join us in Berlin.


In addition to establishing a strong leadership culture, in-house programs bring great benefits to your organization and leaders: bonding, trust, knowledge-sharing and alignment with your corporate values and cultural standards of behavior.

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What actually happens in organizations in terms of how people experience agile changes?  Most organizations experience this as a series of multiple initiatives going on, all iterating at the same time…

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Thanks to The Myers-Briggs Company for this fun presentation of how different personality types like to spend their Christmas break! What is your favorite way to spend the holidays?

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Are you constantly facing a multitude of different changes at the same time? How might you apply buddhist philosophy to these changes? You can start by building awareness within yourself and your employees.

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We launched this autumn a powerful and modern series of face-to-face workshops and online modules for everyone who wants to reach the next step in leadership performance.
The Winter 2019 session is sold out. We are now opening registrations for the Spring session, starting next May. Want to make a difference in 2019?

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Do great stories make great change leadership? Thank you Euan Wu from the Change Compass for this insightful view on how to use data to tell effective stories of change.


December 25th is getting closer! How do you experience the last two weeks before Christmas? And what do you intend to do for Christmas?Does personality play a role in how we perceive our Christmas activities? And if yes, which one?

We are happy to share with you today some interesting findings about how different personality types view and spend their time at Christmas.

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Happy Nikolaustag! We are pleased to extend a special offer to all of you who want to better understand themselves and others: 3 new personality profiling packages for career and personal development – with a 50€ gift until year end. Discover your MBTIÂź Personality type now and really get to know yourself.



What an energizing evening last week at our Meetup “Change Your Change!”. Inspiring insights, great sharing session and fun networking afterwards.
We really enjoyed preparing this session for you and discuss all your interesting comments.
Thanks to everyone who was with us. We’re looking forward to our next episode in the new year.


Want to find out how to engage your change leaders? Check out this article from our partners at The Change Compass:
In business literature having senior leader sponsorship and buy-in is always highlighted as one of the most if not the most important factor in determining successful initiative outcome. It is touted that without senior leaders to drive the initiative, it is difficult to get traction. The respective senior leaders that own the initiative are identified as the most important stakeholders to engage.
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Discover Cambiana’s new offer for Team Performance: innovative workshop modules to unleash the power of your teams and boost your international collaborations.
We now have a new and improved page for Team Performance which shows our tailor made workshops even better.

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The summer break is often a good time to think about what matters to us and how we balance our work and private life.
With increasing pressure for performance and technologies that enable us to work around the clock, work-life balance has been a hot topic for years now.  And so, we should protect our private life and give it enough space, time and energy to keep things in balance.

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Another beautiful day at the beach relaxing and reading. As the sun starts going down and you are heading towards the boardwalk, you notice a small group of children playing on the side. One of them, a little girl, maybe two and a half years old, is trying to get on to a three-wheeled scooter. The other kids are scootering freely on the side. Even though the toddler is going awry, getting stuck on a sand heap and falling over, she is starting again and again. And after a little while, you notice the progress and the big smile on her face…

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In times when change, digital transformation and globalization have become daily topics, there is a strong emphasis on drawing upon our creativity and innovative strengths to find solutions to the new problems that arise.
Drawing on these trends, the innovation capability is now celebrated in our private and professional lives, at individual and organizational level, as a key success factor. But what is exactly innovation and what is it made of?

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From ancient Greece philosophy to modern psychology, knowing who we are and understanding our own inner world has been playing a key role in bringing human beings to a stage of personal growth.
Defined by psychologist Daniel Goleman as “knowing one’s internal states, preference, resources and intuitions”, self-awareness helps us, in a non-judgmental way, to acknowledge, understand and monitor our thoughts and emotions as they arise.

Thus, releasing the power of our self-awareness is essential to start our personal development journey.

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In our experience, successful teams and leaders share one secret ingredient: trust. Whatever the focus – team effectiveness, leadership performance or talent development – trust is the nucleous that binds people together and enables growth.
We found that WorldWork¼ had developed unique products to identify, measure and leverage trust in all kinds of work relationships – with team members, peers and leaders. Building on years of experience using their tools, we are proud to officially start a close partnership as Brand Ambassador for the WorldWork¼ Trust Indicators.
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We are very happy to announce our alliance with Australian-based company The Change Compass, which offers a cutting-edge tool to manage change and measure its impact on stakeholders, resources and customers.

We were looking for a simple tool to manage the complexity and enhance our clients’ change and transformation projects – user-friendly, intuitive and cloud-based for global reach. A tool that helps organizations and change leaders to map and visualize their efforts in a quick and agile way. And we found it!

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We have known the creators of CultureConnector and used their intercultural platform with great results for years. The team’s passion for “cross-culture and the impact that intercultural competence can have on business effectiveness, individual performance, personal happiness and global community” is at the source of CultureConnector, the tool they created to grow intercultural competence in the world.

So, we are very excited to start this new step in our journey together with the CultureConnector community and announce the start of our Corporate Partnership.

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