Online tool to explore cultural differences

CultureConnector adds immediate value to your cross-cultural work. With insights on more than 75 cultures, the CultureConnector platform allows to compare your profile with selected cultures and gives you easy access to practical information and personal strategies to bridge differences.

In addition to personal profiling, CultureConnector connects people from different cultures and gives them a common ground to compare their preferences: each CultureConnector user gets a cultural profile based on 12 key areas where differences and commonalities can be measured, showing what to build upon and what to take care of to ensure success in intercultural collaborations. 

With CultureConnector, individuals, teams and organizations are empowered to deal more successfully with a new culture, leverage cultural diversity, understand and manage complex and challenging cultural differences from a variety of perspectives, solve significant cultural challenges with deep understanding of current situation and next steps. 

Bring your international business and multicultural teams to the next level of cooperation and get started with CultureConnector.

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