Team Performance

Boost your cross-functional & international teams

You want your teams to be trained with best in class methods yet get a training tailored to their specific needs?
With our unique team development workshop modules, you can have it all in a simple, highly engaging and cost-effective manner.
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Team Effectiveness
Leverage team dynamics to
enhance productivity & success

Intercultural Teamwork
Overcome the complexity of
international collaborations

Surveys & Interviews
Understand, motivate
and engage your teams

Bring the best out of your teams

Our team development workshops foster high-performance by enhancing co-operation mechanisms, openness & engagement, and by building trust among team members. We deliver results that last over time by providing the best support for individual & group empowerment.
We can help you to define the right workshop combination

Team Effectiveness

Workshop 1 - Boost your team dynamics
  • Stages of team development and own team assessment
  • Roles, ways of working, team dynamics in your organization
  • Create space for open and honest dialogue within your team
  • Deep-dive and brainstorming of team issues
Workshop 2 - Thrive with tailor-made team roadmap
  • Agree on common team goals
  • Assess strengths, assets, needs & expectations
  • Commit on agreed ways of working
  • Develop actions plans with milestones and measurements
Workshop 3 - Leverage team members' strengths
  • Trust in teams diagnosis and catalyst (TTI® Assessment Tool)
  • Personality assessment & team profiling (MBTI® or DisC®)
  • Team engagement surveys
Operational results

Ability to implement solution-oriented ways to increaseyour team performance and get your team members to work together more effectively.

Multicultural Teamwork

Workshop 1 - Strategy for cross-cultural cooperations
  • Discover tools for intercultural collaboration
  • understand background motivation and cultural standards for behavior
Workshop 2 - Build personal intercultural synergies
  • Explore alternative approaches for intercultural interaction
  • Develop strategies to solve conflicts across cultures
  • Work with case studies and practical exercises
Workshop 3 - Work effectively with 1 specific country
  • Discover cultural values and typical communication pitfalls
  • Understand hierarchies, leading and working particularities of your target country
  • Get best practices for emails, calls, presentations, meetings and negociations
Operational results

Improved working relationships and efficiency with your international business partners and team members.

Fees & Support

Workshop fees
  • 1 to 3 workshops: 2.200 € / workshop
  • 4 to 6 workshops: 2.000 € / workshop
  • Additional cost/participant: 150 € / workshop (includes all assessment instruments, individual & team reports, training material and tools)
Included pre & post workshop support
  • All workshops are supported by:

    • Onboarding & Follow-up debriefing calls with team leader
    • Online individual needs analysis & pre-workshop preparation work
    • Workbook with tools, techniques & learning log
Enhanced follow-up with team pulse check

Goal: raise workshops sustainability by keeping momentum and increasing team members’ accountability

  • Online assessment 3 months after the workshops
  • Analysis and report
  • Feedback call with team leader

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Enjoy a new blend of face-to-face & digital experience

Empower your team with additional tailor-made guidance

Follow-up coaching

Training with follow-up coaching leads to up to 88% better performance. How much more efficient and engaged people would that mean for you and your organization?
Our follow-up coaching packages provide concrete help and accountability for your team members over the weeks or months following the workshop.

You need a weekly or a monthly coaching for your team or some of your team members? Just schedule your 8, 12 or 16 hours coaching sessions as you like and we will accompany you on your journey to success.

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Surveys & Interviews

In times of digitization, flex work and constant changes, employee motivation, engagement and creativity are more than ever key factors of success.
We have over 15 years’ experience in conducting surveys and interviews about feedback and corporate culture, work relationships, collaboration with peers and managers, as well as about trust, recognition and satisfaction at work.

Our culturally-sensitive employee surveys and interviews are designed to engage people and give a clear understanding of specific attitudes and behaviors at work. Raise individual motivation, commitment and job satisfaction, and unleash the potential of your teams.