We are very happy to announce our alliance with Australian-based company The Change Compass, which offers a cutting-edge tool to manage change and measure its impact on stakeholders, resources and customers.

We were looking for a simple tool to manage the complexity and enhance our clients’ change and transformation projects – user-friendly, intuitive and cloud-based for global reach. A tool that helps organizations and change leaders to map and visualize their efforts in a quick and agile way. And we found it!

The Change Compass creates a range of analytical reports to allow overview or deep dive and learn to determine what level of change the business can handle.

With the motto “Change can be hard. Drive business decision using hard data”, The Change Compass ideally complements our range of change consulting and facilitation services. This way, we support our clients in implementing an engaging and agile approach to their change process.

We can integrate The Change Compass with our change workshops and surveys to bring together people and data.
Or we can help you implement it independently into your organization.

Curious about how the Change Compass could boost your change? Tell us.