Sylvia Baitinger

As a certified leadership coach Sylvia supports and enables the development of executives and senior leaders across a broad range of business topics and individual challenges. With more than 20 years of diverse experiences in various HR management and expert positions in large enterprises she has an excellent understanding of leadership, transformation processes and business communication in a global context. Her experience with the complexity of the global workplace enables her to engage and connect with the challenges leaders are facing today.

With a collaborative and solution-focused approach, Sylvia helps individuals and teams find the clarity they need in order to develop a vision based on their values and to achieve their defined goals. She is passionate about supporting her clients in the process of better understanding their own purpose and values, setting the right ambitions and finding solutions to maximize their performance and meaning in life. Over the last 8 years Sylvia gained intensive experience working with many executives and leaders and she has about 2000 hours of coaching.

Sylvia holds a master’s degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s in business administration. A certified Coach by dvct and Systemic Business Coach, she is also certified in Logotherapy & Existential Analysis, a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), and is accredited in the Team Trust Indicator (TTI) as well as in the HOGAN assessment tool, the Leadership Versatility Index and The Booth Company’s Task Cycle® Assessments.

Sylvia works in German and English.


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Sylvia Baitinger
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