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Our specific online courses enhance different fields of development required in today‘s professional world of work: Leaders and Teams, Personal Development, Communication, Change & Culture.


Conflict Management

Can leaders and teams successfully manage and resolve workplace issues?

Not only they have to, but they can positively turn these in real opportunities of growth and innovation.

Through this Conflict Management Online Course our experienced coaches provide complete knowledge to recognise and resolve conflicts in today’s environment. Giving you the tools to compare the various modes and methods that can be used in conflict resolution so for you to develop your own conflict resolution strategies.


The Conflict Management Online Course is ideal for:

People and companies willing to have team members and leaders who successfully handle and resolve workplace issues, across functions, roles, and cultures.

Change & Culture

Change Management

An interactive online course focusing on helping people engage, adopt and use change in their day-to-day work.

  • Understand the human implications of change.
  • Adapt behaviours to facilitate change and transformation at individual level and with others.
  • Foster positive transformation within the organization.


The Change Management Online Course is ideal for:

People, leaders and companies who are about to or already facing major changes e.g. creating a new organization, designing new work processes, implementing new technologies.

Personal Development

Personal Effectiveness

The Personal Effectiveness Online Course helps you Improve self-organization and efficiency in completing tasks and delivering results.

  • Increase personal productivity through better task management.
  • Understand personal and others’ needs better.
  • Foster team bonding and cohesion within a strengths-building framework

Participants will return to the driver’s seat of their work life, getting a firm grip on their tasks and priorities.


The Personal Effectiveness Online Course is ideal for:

Anyone interested in enhancing personal effectiveness and coping skills.
Individual contributors who want to unveil the secrets of personality types and unlock their potential

Understanding your own and others’ personality is key to improve personal and leadership effectiveness, collaboration and performance.

TypeCoach® and the MBTI® provide powerful and versatile personality tools, that build the foundations for a deep understanding of individual motivations and group interactions.

Find out your personality type and how to leverage the applications in life and at work now!

Our Program Coaches

To guarantee the quality of our programs, we work with a very experienced team of international certified coaches and trainers. They bring strong leadership and team development expertise to ensure optimal delivery in German, English, French and Dutch.

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