Conflict Management Online Course

Conflict resolution to positively create opportunities for growth and learning

The Conflict Management Online Course is ideal for:

  • People and companies willing to have team members and leaders who successfully handle and resolve workplace issues, across functions, roles, and cultures.
  • Conflict resolution training is also helpful to deal with difficult people and situations where conflicts may arise.
  • We offer our courses in German, English, Dutch, French and Italian, please contact us for more information.

Conflict Management

When employees of various backgrounds and different work styles are brought together for a shared business purpose, workplace conflict can occur and can be expressed. Trying to prevent it to create an environment in which conflict is less likely to occur is the first step but once it’s there, conflict can—and should—be managed and resolved.


Learn conflict management skills to:

  • Improve handling of and communication within conflict situations
  • Create favourable outcomes and keep professional relationships strong
  • Develop ability to settle disputes, refocus and turn conflict situations into positive interactions

What you take away:

  • 1
    Types of conflicts and strategies to deal with conflict

    Changed self-concept of conflicts, heightened ability to ease tensions with quick grasp of a repertoire of methods and techniques to resolve conflict situations.

  • 2
    In depth Conflict Analysis

    Analysis of the interactions, personal needs and key issues and interests at stake.

  • 3
    Conflict Resolution Overview

    Overview of different methods of conflict resolution – conciliation, mediation, conflict coaching, mediation-oriented coaching.

  • 4
    Group exercises with selected methods and tools

    Explore and discover personal preferences, Thomas-Killman conflict model, Non-violent communication, leading crucial conversations.

  • 5
    Intercultural Conflict Management

    Better understand cultural differences in dealing with conflicts.

  • 6
    Develop own strategies to resolve conflicts

    Improve handling of and communication within conflict situations. Develop your ability to settle disputes including avoiding conflict.

All facts at a glance:

  • Personal coaching. Individual coaching guarantees that the program addresses personal needs in option
  • Customizable as in-house training with workshops for groups
    (price on demand)
  • Digital course with dedicated trainer, micro-learning and ongoing support
  • Interactive activities & flexible e-learning on the Cambiana Digital Campus
  • Personal TKI Assessment
  • Available in German, English, Dutch, French and Italian

Conflict Management Online Course
Your benefits

Individual benefits

  • Changed self-concept of conflicts
  • Heightened ability to ease tensions with quick grasp of a repertoire of methods and techniques to resolve conflict situations
  • Personal growth and enhanced relationship management

Organizational benefits

  • Collective awareness and stronger teamwork for a psychologically safe environment
  • Healthy relationships, morale, and commitment
  • Upskilling in resolving conflicts that fosters positive energy and a solution-oriented mindset

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