Howspace is a digital collaboration platform fully focusing on the learner’s experience, connecting regardless of time and place. Cambiana has chosen to use this dedicated platform to facilitate some learning and team development programs, guiding the learning journeys through active dialogue, and using artificial intelligence to make sense of the conversations in real time. In addition,  polls, surveys and other engaging activities strongly encourage participants to work together in an environment that is continually evolving.


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Howspace – Unleash the Power of Social Learning


Howspace is a great platform to:

  • Facilitate workshops & large groups events
  • Gather communities & Associations
  • Foster organizational development & Change


We want to make learning together online a fun and engaging process, as we deeply believe in the power of learning as a social experience. By combining both learning together online synchronously and asynchronously, we foster interaction and bonding. Synchronous learning happens in an online meeting with interactive presentations, working in pairs and groups on joint tasks. Asynchronous learning happens between meetings at your own pace, on your own or with others.

With Howspace, Cambiana is making the most of interactive activities such as group discussions, surveys, and voting, as well as facilitating complex thought processes by crystallizing and expanding the ongoing discussions supporting collaboration!

We use this platform to create a safe place and relaxed atmosphere, using fun activities and creative tasks to break the ice before and during meetings.

We guide learners by monitoring their work and progress, encouraging peer-to-peer feedback and setting micro-learning along the way.


We are happy to support you in unleashing the potential of your digital team processes, so please reach out to one of our experts!

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Live learning sessions

Engage your participants before, during, and after the webinar, workshop, or any live meeting with interactive activities, materials, and guidance. 

Group learning

Encourage participants to collaborate by creating break-out rooms and private teamwork pages with targeted assignments and free discussions.

Self-paced learning

Create engaging personal micro-learning paths by dividing the material and learning tasks into bite-sized learning nuggets.

Mentoring and coaching

Invite your participants to one-on-one or small group coaching sessions. By following up on the progress and setting up reflections in written and spoken format, growth is ensured for both mentor and mentee.

Artificial intelligence

Make participants’ thoughts and learning visible by utilizing artificial intelligence features to highlight and interpret comments, ideas, opinions, and thoughts people share in chat widgets.


Measure performance by making learning visible with versatile tools such as exams, assignments, reflection journals, checkpoint, or peer-to-peer exercises.

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Artificial Intelligence in Howspace is used to make sense of large-scale dialogue through:

Intelligent word cloud
Howspace’s intelligent word cloud recognizes inflections, categories, and even pairs combinations.

Theme clustering
Theme clustering reveals the main themes of any discussion. Artificial intelligence quickly categorizes conversation into the categories.

Discussions often accumulate quickly, and in large volumes. This feature quickly compiles comments into sentences or paragraphs.

Sentiment Analysis
Identifying and categorizing opinions expressed on people’s feeling; especially in order to determine whether the participant’s attitude towards a particular topic is positive, negative, or neutral.


Reach out to one of our experts to explore Howspace AI further!

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