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In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving work landscape, adaptation and agility are paramount. As digitized processes continue to reshape the way we work, both individuals and companies must remain adaptable to thrive in this dynamic environment.

Our approach to training and coaching offers unparalleled flexibility and agility in HR and organizational development. With a wide array of development opportunities across various fields, we tailor our offerings to your unique needs and goals. Together, we’ll identify the most relevant areas for growth and set the right priorities for your employees.

Benefits for You: Benefits for You: Our offerings feature transparent design and cutting-edge content, ensuring clarity and relevance at every step. With measurable outcomes, standardized processes, and a high degree of flexibility, our programs empower you to scale up training initiatives effectively.

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Our fields of development

  • Development field Change

    Embrace change and growth

    Change accompanies our everyday lives, individual contributors’ roles, teams and new business models are evolving rapidly. The most essential and sustainable changes are carried by people, provided they get the support and framework they need. Become a change player and build your change competence with proven methods and tools.

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    Improve problem-solving and decision-making

    In today’s work environment where speed, flexibility, collective intelligence, and innovation drive organizational success, problem-solving and decision-making have become essential team and leadership processes. Through hands-on techniques and methods, participants learn how to use effective strategies and tools to find solutions and make the right decisions at the right time.

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    Foster resilience and stress management

    The ability to sustain one’s energy level and develop a stable mindset in times of change and uncertainty is a core competency to build today. In this module, participants strengthen their ability to reduce stress and to turn difficult situations into enriching events. They learn essential skills to adapt quickly and effectively to change processes.

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    Establish risk-taking strategies and agility

    In our global and hyper-connected work environment where we often need to act quickly and take risks in unknown situations. Flexibility and speed in these processes are key to success. A better understanding and realignment of the inner attitude towards risk is important to be productive in times of complexity and change. Participants learn to trust their strengths, expanding their personal comfort zone and better understanding their own risk strategies and those of others.

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  • Development field Personality

    Develop self-awareness and personality (MBTI®)

    Both outstanding performance and successful collaboration begin with self-reflection. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is one of the most respected and widely used personal development tools in the world. It provides the foundation for a deep understanding of personal motivations and group interactions. Participants will increase their self-awareness and awareness of their strengths and areas of development. They also learn to better understand others in order to establish more effective collaboration and performance.

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    Strengthen emotional intelligence

    In a global and digital world, emotional intelligence is an essential core competence for employees and managers. It enhances teamwork and organizational structure, providing a real competitive advantage. It also reinforces job satisfaction and motivation within the team. Participants learn to better understand their own and others’ emotions. This empathic ability helps to develop trusting relationships with colleagues and all stakeholders of the company.

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    Enhance personal performance

    Being able to realistically assess our own skills and the way to further develop them is essential to high productivity. In addition, the ability to well manage one’s own time and priorities in order to optimize one’s work and the work with others is key to personal performance. Participants learn tools to sharpen their self-awareness and practice techniques for better self-management and effective work when working in teams.

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    Trigger innovation through diversity

    Time to bring out the immense innovative potential that lies in every team! Especially teams with great diversity can benefit from the different experiences and personalities of their team members, which is particularly conducive to creative workflows and thought processes. With the MBTI® personality tool, participants are encouraged to reflect on how they and other personality types best contribute to each phase of the innovation cycle, and how they can leverage their personal strengths.

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  • Development field Communication

    Communicate and give feedback effectively

    A healthy feedback culture and good communication skills are essential conditions for building high performing teams. Effective communication helps to foster trust and successful relationships, and to trigger motivators, thereby sustaining organizational performance and innovation. Participants learn to create an authentic bond and communicate with impact with their interlocutors, promoting the establishment of appreciative communication and constructive feedback practices in daily work.

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    Master public speaking and presentations

    Knowing how to express yourself confidently and eloquently in public and being able to communicate with a variety of people is a key skill for getting your ideas across, convincing and managing oppositions. Participants work with effective methods and strategies that allow them to overcome their fear and be comfortable in front of any audience, and to make convincing presentations. They practice effective tools and techniques to make an impact and determine what the audience will remember, and thereby achieve a sense of personal accomplishment and their business goals.

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    Build rewarding relationships and increase influence

    The ability to influence is essential to gain support for an idea, a decision, or a new project. To achieve lasting results, team members and leaders need to develop their emotional intelligence: through increased awareness, empathy, quality relationships, their power of persuasion and ability to influence. Participants learn to go beyond their usual boundaries and to expand their circle of influence. They also develop strategies for managing stakeholders, connecting at a deeper level with their interlocutors and fostering the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

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    Manage and resolve conflict

    Conflicts in the workplace are unavoidable; they have high impact and consequences on business. When managed competently, they can also become powerful drivers of innovation and performance. Adopting a positive attitude to conflict and building on constructive behaviors to resolve conflicts is a key competence for maximizing cooperation and leadership. Based on the “Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument” (TKI™), which measures how people act in conflict situations, participants learn proven methods and techniques for recognizing conflicts at an early stage and resolving them successfully.

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    Negotiate successfully

    Mastering the art of negotiations is key to reach corporate goals and bring immediate results. Successful negotiations build on fostering constructive discussions and cooperation mechanisms with all parties involved. Starting with an analysis of the initial situation and a mapping of the stakeholders, negotiations strategies are developed to address specific negotiations. Participants learn to approach and conduct negotiations strategically by using recognized negotiation techniques to optimally meet the interests of all people involved.

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  • Development field Teams

    Work and grow in virtual teams

    For many companies, the topic of remote collaboration and hybrid working has become highly relevant. How to set up virtual teams and learn to develop and lead them is one of the most important management tasks today. Furthermore, recognizing the advantages and leveraging the fact that not all participants are in the same place and time zone, and that some are working from home, is essential to bring the right team spirit. Team leaders and members learn to inspire and bond with each other through successful communication, motivation, and cooperation – even across technical and geographical boundaries.

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    Foster collaboration and team performance with lateral leadership

    Today’s leadership means being able to navigate constant technological advances, organizational development, and changes in operational priorities. Therefore, successful leaders are the ones who foster stronger collaboration among team members and across functions, even without formal authority. They help to align purpose, values, and behaviors – for highly effective teamwork and increased results throughout the organization. Participants gain a deeper understanding of different leadership styles, as well as motivational and influencing approaches, so they can build trust and better understand the needs of others.

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    Work successfully in multicultural teams

    Increasing the ability to deal with the complexity of working in an international environment is one of the most important skill and development area for anyone working with different cultures. Intercultural competence is a booster for business success. This includes being able to adapt personal working methods, behaviors and communication to different cultural standards. Participants learn about fundamental cultural differences as well as how to overcome global challenges and get the best out of their multicultural teams and international business relationships. Embrace diversity and let your company benefit from different backgrounds and perspectives.

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The Cambiana Digital Campus

All Cambiana training modules and programs are supported by our Digital Campus for higher effectiveness and learning retention. Our innovative digital learning platform offers a variety of ways to leverage your learning content that help you achieve more, on your own and with others. Thanks to a personalized learning path, you practice, consolidate and internalize new knowledge, that seamlessly integrates into your daily work for immediate application and retention. This way, we guarantee the highest results on your learning and development investments!


The Cambiana Digital Campus offers:

  • Self-paced learning
  • Seamless integration into daily work and life through ongoing assessments, feedback loops and micro-learning
  • High collaboration between participants and coaches
  • Peer-to-peer learning and coaching
  • Best practices and regular experience exchange
  • Sustainable development and consolidated learning results via extended access beyond program end

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