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Your career accelerator for successful leadership through Emotional Intelligence

The Cambiana Leadership Program is ideal for:

  • Experienced leaders
  • Experts transitioning into a leadership role
  • Start-up founders and their leadership teams
Cambiana Leadership Programm
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Develop unique leadership skills through Emotional Intelligence

Successful leaders are able to master even unpredictable situations with serenity and confidence.

In our global and digitized world, working with virtual teams, from home and the workplace, in different time zones has become the norm – and this will forever change the way we think, behave and communicate. In this new reality, Emotional Intelligence (EI) has become a key competency for leaders and a competitive advantage for their organizations.

  • Discover and develop the strengths of your personality
  • Find your own style to lead authentically and develop talents
  • Become a trusted leader for high-performing and resilient teams

What you take away:
6 key competencies for successful leadership

  • 1
    Self-awareness with personality profiling

    Great leadership starts with self-reflection:
    Enhance your self-awareness about your strengths, your potential and development areas to move from high performer to outstanding leader.

  • 2
    Leadership Styles & Performance Management

    Carve your leadership footprint:
    Understand different leadership styles and motivational factors to adapt to others’ needs and situations and empower your teams for high performance.

  • 3
    Effective communication & feedback

    Grow your leadership presence:
    Making appreciative communication and effective feedback a part of your daily routine to inspire, motivate your teams and achieve your goals.

  • 4
    Emotional Intelligence & Resilience

    Unlock the power of your EQ:
    Develop your ability to reduce stress and deal successfully with difficult situations, grow your empathy and skills to connect with others at a deeper level.

  • 5
    Building Relationships & Influence

    Build and sustain a productive network:
    Gain tool and techniques to build rewarding relationships and turn challenging ones into meaningful experiences, develop your persuasion skills and expand your circle of influence.

  • 6
    Risk-taking Strategies & Agility

    Thriving in times of change and complexity:
    Unleash your innovation potential by expanding your comfort zone, practicing agile learning and increasing change readiness.

All facts at a glance:

  • 5
    5 months online program
  • 4 full-day online workshops, 2 webinars
  • MBTI® Premium Assessment, Personality Profiling & Potential Analysis
  • Interactive activities & flexible e-learning on the Cambiana Digital Campus
  • Individual & Peer Coaching
  • Program bookable in English, French, German and Dutch

What our participants say

  • Daniela Baron-Breu
    Managing Director
    abc cross media
  • Johannes Fuchs
    Founder & CEO
  • Dr. Julia Stindl
    Medical Safety Manager

Leadership Program Dates 2021

Program information

  • Full virtual learning program
  • Individual and group coaching sessions alongside the training
  • Ongoing support from trainers
  • MBTI® profiling including Personal Impact report, workbook and personal license of the Myers-Briggs App
  • Training workbook and comprehensive digital learning materials on the Cambiana Digital Campus and in the Campus app
  • Certificate of completion
  • Next Leadership Program Dates
    Leadership Program English

    Kick-off webinar:
    October 4

    MBTI® webinar:
    October 6

    Online workshops, half-day 1:00 pm-5:00 pm:

    • Module 1: October 25 & 26
    • Module 2/3: November 22 & 23
    • Module 4/5: January 24 & 25
    • Module 6 & Closure: February 15 (full day, 9:00am-5:00pm).
    Leadership Program German

    Kick-off webinar:
    October 6

    MBTI® webinar:
    October 11

    Online workshops, half-day 9:00am-1:00pm:

    • Module 1: October 21 & 22
    • Module 2/3: November 18 & 19
    • Module 4/5: January 19 & 20
    • Module 6 & Closure: February 17 & 18
    Leadership Program French

    Kick-off webinar:
    March 1 2022

    MBTI® webinar:
    March 8 2022

    Online workshops, half-day 1:00pm-5:00pm:

    • Module 1: March 29 & 30 2022
    • Module 2/3: April 26 & 27 2022
    • Module 4/5: June 13 & 14 2022
    • Module 6 & Closure: July 5 2022

The Cambiana Leadership Program:
Your benefits

Benefits for participants

  • Enhance your team’s performance by receiving and giving feedback with serenity and confidence
  • Leverage your strengths to optimize problem-solving and decision-making in your teams
  • Increase your personal resilience and that of your team to cope with stress and navigate successfully through challenges

Benefits for employers

  • Develop strategic leaders who drive your business forward
  • Enhance engagement, global performance and innovation throughout your organization while effectively managing stakeholders
  • Retain high-potential leaders and develop high-performing teams
  • All our programs can also be booked as in-house training

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