The Cambiana Philosophy:
The New Art of People Development

Because New Work needs new learning experiences

In the world of work, there is only one constant: change. This constant change holds great power – that’s why we carry it in our name: Cambiana. With specific training, coaching and individual programs, we want to help your company adapt to this dynamic. And to use it for the best for the people who work for you every day and make up your business success.

Values that define Cambiana

Diversity and inclusion
Diversity is a core value for us. We strive to contribute to create a world where differences are seen and leveraged as real assets. Our team members bring together intercultural expertise with diverse personalities. It is also a daily reality for us, as our team members combine multiculturalism and diverse personalities.

Appreciation and strengths orientation
We strongly believe in the power of appreciation. In our experience, positive communication shapes the feedback culture needed to build successful strategies, products and relationships. In our work, we always take a solution- and strengths-oriented approach.

Conscious Awareness
Awareness of others, ourselves and our actions, is central to our work, as it represents a fundamental self-development stage. This increases our Emotional Intelligence, which provides a solid foundation for valuable relationships, effective teamwork, and organizational culture development.

People-centered approach
We believe in learning technologies that connect people, facilitate change and contribute to creating rewarding experiences.
We consider each person as an individual with their specific needs, and our goal is to support them in their development and thus enable them to transform their talents into strengths. Therefore, teams and organizations can develop sustainably.


Cambio (spanish, noun)
= Change

The Cambiana team

Creators of learning experiences

Our core team is based in Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam, Lausanne and is complemented by an international expert team of trainers and coaches.

We are united by a high level of enthusiasm for digital learning, the approach of positive psychology and great joy in our work. We see it as a creation of learning experiences, a journey that we design together with our customers and participants.

  • Gaëlle Piernikarch
    Gaëlle Piernikarch
    Founder & CEO
    Gaëlle Piernikarch
    Founder & CEO
  • Marketing & Community Manager, Trainer
    Marion Desrousseaux
    Marketing & Community Manager, Trainer
  • Carlos Hagenaars
    Carlos Hagenaars
    Regional Manager Benelux
    Carlos Hagenaars
    Regional Manager Benelux
  • Interested in joining the Cambiana team?

  • Stephanie Püttker
    Stephanie Püttker
    Senior Manager Training & Coaching
    Stephanie Püttker
    Senior Manager Training & Coaching
  • Myriam Capel
    Myriam Capel
    Senior Manager Training & Coaching
    Myriam Capel
    Senior Manager Training & Coaching
  • Working Student, Quality Management
    Paul Biermann
    Working Student, Quality Management
  • Alexandra Aleweiler
    Alexandra Aleweiler
    Backoffice management
    Alexandra Aleweiler
    Backoffice management
  • E-learning & Intercultural Communication Specialist
    Fon Y. Muansawad
    E-learning & Intercultural Communication Specialist
  • Chong Hiu Pun
    Chong Hiu Pun
    Learning Consultant & Trainer
    Hiu Pun Chong
    Learning Consultant & Trainer
  • Working Student, Marketing Assistant
    Laetitia Schorer
    Working Student, Marketing Assistant

Cambiana trainers love what they do. And this with the highest quality.

We work with fun and passion to create unique learning experiences that unleash creative energy. Our trainers and coaches are familiar with program design and delivery on online platforms and with collaboration tools that integrate various learning methods to facilitate enriching communication, as well as provide face-to-face engaging and playful interactions.

In addition to numerous certifications in various psychometric tools, all Cambiana trainers and coaches have professional education in training and coaching, as well as several years of professional experience as trainers, coaches and facilitators, and in business as manager and in operational positions.

You would like to reshape the world of learning and develop creativity and team spirit? Then we are looking forward to your application!


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