Master Class Team Development

Team coaching competence for high performing teams

The strength of a team lies in the quality of its collective work and collaborative mechanisms. Our Team Development Program teaches tools and methods that focus on teamwork and collaboration rather than just on personal performance improvement. Factors such as team dynamics and team development phases are essential to accompany the entire team in its growth. Participants learn proven techniques for facilitating team workshops and establishing a healthy feedback culture in the team. In addition, they learn peer coaching techniques that lead to outstanding teamwork.

This master class is designed for:

  • HR business partners
  • Team leaders
  • Employees from people development
  • In-house trainers and coaches
Cambiana Train-the-Trainer

Practice tools and methods to coach and develop your teams

  • Internal Team Development Competence –
    Professionalize your internal consulting competence for team development
  • Team Coaching Toolbox –
    Implement proven tools and methods to support teamwork and raise team effectiveness
  • Personality Types and Potential Analysis (MBTI®) –
    Increase the Emotional Intelligence of your organization to accompany your teams in their evolution

What you'll take away:
3 key skills for developing effective teams

  • 1
    Building emotional intelligence and confidence in teams

    The MBTI® personality instrument helps develop a higher level of knowledge of oneself and others, as well as a better understanding of the interactions between team members. Empathy improves team cohesion and effective communication between team members. Building trust is an additional success factor measured by recognized criteria.

  • 2
    The secret ingredients of team effectiveness

    Discover the strengths and challenges of different types of teams, group dynamics, the stages of team development and the key success factors for high team performance.

  • 3
    Key skills in facilitation and facilitation

    Learn how to implement solution-oriented activities that increase team performance and empower team members to build upon their interpersonal skills for success.

All facts at a glance:

  • 4
    4-month program
  • As 100% digital or blended program
  • Personality and team profiling with premium assessment tools: MBTI® and Team Trust Indicator
  • Interactive activities & flexible e-learning on the Cambiana Digital Campus
  • 5 live workshops and webinars, personal coaching and individual accompaniment
  • Program available in English, German, French and Dutch

The Team Development Master Class:
Your benefits

Benefits for participants

  • In-depth knowledge of team development for better teamwork
  • Self-confidence and competence in facilitating team meetings and workshops
  • Team coaching tools to be able to professionally accompany different types of conversations of team members

Benefits for employers

  • Building internal consulting competence to support managers, teams and departments in their development
  • Increase of team efficiency
  • Foster team members’ motivation

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