JEE – Junior Enterprises Europe

Junior Enterprises Europe is the umbrella organisation that represents, integrates and supports the European Network of Junior Enterprises.
A Junior Enterprise is a non-profit organisation, formed and managed exclusively by university students, which provides services for companies, institutions and individuals. Its main goal is enhancing the learning of its members through practical experiences. It is about developing opportunities for students to foster their knowledge and skills.
In a world that needs more than ever strong bonds and networking, Cambiana supports Junior Enterprises Europe (JEE), this students’ organisationis committed to generate a relevant impact.
We have been participating to the JEE Winter Conference this year that builds on projects aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 targets defining the agenda for 2030 of the United Nations.
Recognized globally as essential to the future sustainability of our world, the SDGs represent an ambitious plan to enhance peace and prosperity, eradicate poverty and protect the planet.

As partner of the JEE network, we want to encourage and support their work in pursuing these 17 goals and spreading awareness with younger generations.
In the Winter Conference, we also delivered a workshop on the topic of Psychological Safety – a concept that fosters environments where people feel safe to speak up and contribute, which in the light of the current events, is fundamental to make a difference.

Actions to 
JE Europe raised two initiatives where you can immediately have an impact, and that we support and would like to spread:

Share the Meal
An initiative under the United Nations World Food Programme (UN WFP) to make fighting hunger accessible to everyone.
Download the app SharetheMeal to donate.

Help Children of War in Ukraine
The Voices of Children Foundation helps children affected by wars. It provides psychological and psychosocial support to children. It helps them overcome the consequences of armed conflicts and develop.
Today, during the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Voices of Children Foundation is providing non-stop assistance to affected children and families from all over the country, providing emergency psychological assistance, and assisting in the evacuation process.
Link here:
How emotionally intelligent are you?