Marion Desrousseaux

Marion brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role at Cambiana, where she channels her passion for coaching, facilitating, and training. With 15 years of diverse experience across the media and fashion industries in Europe, she has honed her skills in various capacities from journalism and interpretation to senior marketing and community management roles. This background has given her a profound understanding of cross-cultural communication and leadership in dynamic settings.

Marion's journey in the corporate world laid the foundation for her shift into people development, where she excels in leading change and enhancing leadership capacities among executives. She is certified by the International Coaching Institute of Geneva and holds a certification as a TypeCoach practitioner. These qualifications specialize her in personality assessment, focusing particularly on leadership and change management—key areas that drive today’s global business environment.

In addition to her coaching credentials, Marion has an impressive academic background with a Master’s in International Relations and Human Rights from both the University of Political Sciences in Turin and the Sorbonne in Paris, alongside a Master’s degree in Media Management. Her educational pursuits extend into teaching, having lectured on topics like social communication and e-commerce across various institutions.

Marion's multifaceted career also includes significant achievements in international business, where she led cross-media operations, built brand awareness, and spearheaded digital multichannel campaigns. Her role often involved delivering internal trainings and developing communication strategies that leveraged her strong interpersonal communication and influencing skills within intercultural and cross-functional teams.

Marion's approach is characterized by effective listening, confidence, and a deep-seated curiosity about diverse cultures and human behaviors. Marion works in French, Italian and English.

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