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What does your MBTI® type have to do with your vacation?

by Gaëlle Piernikarch

When it comes to planning the next vacation, you quickly realize that people have very different ideas about what the perfect vacation looks like: A well-planned city vacation or a spontaneous last-minute booking, a creative retreat or a rather a festival with friends.

What you choose says a lot about your personality and your individual MBTI® type.

The key to understand personality

The MBTI® gives us the key to our own personality, a better understanding of our natural preferences, behaviors and interactions, so we can embark on a self-development journey. It also helps us view the world differently, understand other people better and fosters, therefore, greater awareness and effectiveness in building personal and professional relationships.

The MBTI® looks at personality types using four basic dimensions of individual preferences to create 16 personality type profiles:

  1. What you focus your attention on and where you get your energy from.
  2. The way you take in and process information.
  3. How you make decisions
  4. How you interact with the world

The typology of personality helps us to deeply understand why we are different and to have more sensitivity to others and diversity. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, one of the most respected and widely used personality development tools in the world, provides a strengths-based framework to enhance the quality of our interactions – at work and in our life.


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Gaëlle Piernikarch
Gaëlle Piernikarch
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