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Discover the secret ingredient of innovation

by Gaëlle Piernikarch

In times where change, digital transformation and globalization have become common place, it is particularly important to use our creativity and innovative power to find solutions to emerging problems. Today, knowledge is accessible everywhere and at all times. New ideas spread across borders and cultures at a rapid pace. Creative activities as well as social networking promote personal development and make large companies strive to follow the example of innovative start-ups.

Based on these trends, the ability to innovate is now celebrated as a key success factor in private and professional life, on an individual and organizational level. But what is it made of?


Personality drives innovation

Research shows that several factors have an impact on people’s ability to innovate: A favorable environment from an organizational and team perspective, our knowledge of a topic and our intrinsic motivation and last but not least: our personality. In fact, the personality factor plays a major role in our contribution to the innovation cycle and idea generation.

Anyone can have innovative ideas. The difference lie in which types of ideas are easier for us to produce and more stimulating to work on and develop, which strongly depends on our personal preferences for how we process information and how we put our ideas out into the world.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) provides a powerful framework for understanding our strengths at each stage of this process, as well as in which category of idea generation we are most likely to feel stimulated and be productive.

Understanding and leveraging personality preferences is the trump card for any innovation process. A rich innovation mindset is anchored in the diversity of the personalities involved.  They can contribute to value creation at different steps of the process and in different types of ideas, so everyone can be innovative. The key is to recognize when and where to best unleash the innovative power that lies in each of us.

By helping people clearly understand their strengths in idea generation and in the course of the innovation cycle, you can directly develop individual potential and leverage the contribution and engagement of your teams.

Gaëlle Piernikarch
Gaëlle Piernikarch
Founder & CEO
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