• 21.05.24
    In the ever-evolving landscape of today’s professional environments and the rise of AI, Emotional Intelligence (EI) and understanding the dynamics of teamwork are more crucial than ever. Success is no longer measured solely by individual achievement but by our ability to unite diverse personalities and talents towards a common goal. Here’s a closer look at the transformational power of harnessing… Read more
  • 12.02.24
    A Spotlight on Leadership and Coaching Effective leadership is the cornerstone of organizational success, influencing both present performance and the ability to navigate the future. In this article, we delve into the concept of people development and its pivotal role in enhancing leadership skills, with a specific focus on coaching. Leadership and its Impact Leadership is more than just a… Read more
  • 21.11.23
    In the dynamic landscape of professional growth and development, understanding the role of triggers is paramount. Triggers are the catalysts that can influence our responses and behaviors, and at Cambiana, we recognize their significance in fostering personal and professional development. Our programs focus on essential areas such as Change, Personality, Communication, and Teams, all of which are deeply intertwined with… Read more
  • 18.09.23
    With September’s arrival, we step into a month filled with fresh opportunities and renewed energy. As we return to our workstations and classrooms, there’s a palpable sense of excitement in the air. It’s a season of fresh beginnings, a time when we can rekindle our motivation and refine our decision-making skills. At Cambiana, we see September as the perfect moment… Read more
  • 30.01.23
    Adaptability enables us to see change as positive. It will give us the possibility to examine how we currently respond to disruptive change. And with a family world travel, there is a large number of different ways that challenge it. Traveling is definitely a good way to train it! From my experience, as I started visiting South East Asia,… Read more
  • 13.01.23
    “Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience” (David Kolb). Based on his four-stage learning cycle (see our blog article “Kolb’s Cycle of Reflective Practice”), Kolb defined four different learning styles which ultimately complete his Experiential Learning Theory (1984). Influenced by various factors, such as social environment or educational experiences, he states that each human… Read more
  • 21.12.22
    When was the last time you ended up in a place and a situation you had never experienced before? Yesterday? A while ago? Does it happen to you all the time? And how does that feel? Challenging? Uncomfortable? Exciting? Well, with time your answer could change. The answer “All the time” was mine for a long time because I love… Read more
  • 19.12.22
    Journaling or putting our thoughts in writing have many benefits, not only on our cognitive process and on our ability to focus, but also on our creativity and our mental health. Kolb’s Cycle of Reflective Practice, also called Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle (1984) is a model aiming to help people learn from their experiences which also serves as a basis… Read more
  • 22.03.22
    “I can’t tell if you have a better life than me, or better photo filters”  – Unknown Unfiltered means not having been toned down, censored, or edited. It is the opposite of what many use more and more every day, especially on social media: filters. At first people usually start using filters to have fun; it’s a joke, a game, a virtual… Read more
  • 21.09.21
    Autumn healthy habits The summer holidays often bring us in beautiful natural environments that make us marvel at things, have fun, concentrate on one thing at a time and recharge batteries. Why not bring all these good habits into your life back home? As the summer goes away, our body starts adapting to the changes in nature: cooler temperatures, decreasing… Read more
  • 05.05.21
    We are used to see stress as a negative factor in our lives that damages our health. Nevertheless, some of the latest research on stress and health show very interesting results: while most scientists confirm that a lot of chronic stress should be avoided, they shed a differentiated light on stress. The consequences of stress on our health are directly… Read more
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