• 21.11.23
    In the dynamic landscape of professional growth and development, understanding the role of triggers is paramount. Triggers are the catalysts that can influence our responses and behaviors, and at Cambiana, we recognize their significance in fostering personal and professional development. Our programs focus on essential areas such as Change, Personality, Communication, and Teams, all of which are deeply intertwined with… Read more
  • 03.04.23
    Most of the time I strongly believe that if I want something, I will have to make my way to it and work hard to reach it. It’s not going to be served on a plate. I truly have the feeling that “we have the power to shape our reality”, as says Joe Dispenza in his book: Breaking the habit… Read more
  • 27.03.23
    After exploring Australia for 2 months – and this not being the first time – I wanted to share here some of the things I wish to remember and what, as a European, surprised me the most. It was a wonderful experience on the discovery side but also the human exchange and personal development, not to forget the parental side:… Read more
  • 20.02.23
    Have you ever found a place you would describe as “unique”? Let’s call it a “secret place”,  not because it is hidden, or private, not because it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth, but because of how it makes you feel once you find it. Because something about it makes you want to call it “yours”. As you start playing… Read more
  • 15.02.23
    I like the idea that change is like a river, as everything is continually moving. The river has often also been used as a metaphor for life: Flowing fast or slow, changing courses but never stopping. Personally and professionally, it has never been so important to cope with the fast reality we are living in. Most of the time when… Read more
  • 07.02.23
    Do you consider that your life is always meaningful? In today’s digital world, we are facing stimuli and distractions everywhere and might get lost in them in a way that we can’t find back into living the moment. Seeing life through the lens of society, living has an actual frame where we might end up as good workers until we… Read more
  • 22.11.22
    Let’s not put it aside “Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere” Einstein As a child, you don’t really question your imagination, right? Somehow though, growing up, deciding which path to follow on my studies I without noticing found myself feeling I was lacking creativity. I was orienting myself towards political studies and looking… Read more
  • 28.10.22
    Ethnocentrism vs Ethnorelativism When I start a long trip, facing a very different culture than mine, I am  aware I will have to watch out not being ethnocentric. I have been visiting many other places before, but this time I would still say it is again a new start, so what has changed? My age? My job? My condition? Maybe. And… Read more
  • 29.07.22
    Social and emotional skills are essential for kids to develop and navigate through life. But what exactly are these skills about? Social-emotional skills are at the basis of all human interactions: They are our key to connect with others. As a matter of fact, this is the skillset that will help us understand our feelings and effectively manage our emotions, experience… Read more
  • 22.03.22
    “I can’t tell if you have a better life than me, or better photo filters”  – Unknown Unfiltered means not having been toned down, censored, or edited. It is the opposite of what many use more and more every day, especially on social media: filters. At first people usually start using filters to have fun; it’s a joke, a game, a virtual… Read more
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