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Who we are

At Cambiana, we believe that people have everything it takes to succeed and grow. They just need the right conditions and framework. Where to begin doesn’t matter. What really matters is to start the journey.

A multicultural team of passionate coaches, trainers and facilitators, our mission is to foster the mindset to release this potential, igniting personal strengths and connecting all available resources.

Together with our clients, we implement smart solutions to shape the future while increasing today’s performance – in a healthy, sustainable, and energizing way.
The Cambiana approach draws upon three intertwined aspects of human and organizational development: Leadership, Teamwork and Change.

Where to begin doesn’t matter. What really matters is to start the journey.

How we work


We deeply believe in the value of appreciation. In our experience, positive communication shapes the feedback culture needed to build successful strategies, products and relationships.

Therefore, we work with an appreciative and strengths-based methodology that fosters transformation, open dialogue and deep connections.


Diversity is a key value for us. We strive to build a world where differences are truly seen and used as an asset. Thus, all our team members bring strong intercultural competence together with diverse business experience.

As a multicultural team worldwide active, we are as international as you need us to be for your projects.


Based on a flexible and human-centered approach, we offer a blend of virtual and face-to-face solutions, easily customizable for the needs of your teams and leaders, wherever they are.

Whether coaching, training or change facilitation,  our programs are designed to stimulate individual and team agility, creativity and resilience.


We love technology when it serves to connect people, helps to embrace change and contributes to make enjoyable experiences.

To this aim, we use trusted online platforms and collaboration tools, which seamlessly integrate diverse assessments and surveys, provide data analysis and e-learning for enriched communications  and personal interactions.

Associate experts & coaches

Navid Nazemian

Executive Coach &
Global HR Leader

Ursula Leitzmann

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Eva-Maria Schmidt

Executive Coach, Facilitator &
HR Specialist

Marcello Mereu

Trainer, Coach & Facilitator

Mel Kelly

Public Speaking Coach &
Award-winning Speaker

Myriam Capel


Sylvia Baitinger

Leadership &
Change Coach

Euan Wu

Change Consultant &
Award-winning Change Expert

Cédric Ullrich

Mindfulness &
Stress Management Coach

Audrey Gavault-Gil

Executive Coach &
Cultural Transformation Expert

Martin Cambeis

Communication Trainer & Graphic Recorder

Fadja Ehlail

Trainer, Facilitator & Coach

Stephanie Püttker

Intercultural Trainer & Facilitator

Sandra Doussier

Trainer, Coach & Facilitator

Andreas Hauser

Intercultural Trainer & Coach

Manuela Tischendorf

Change Consultant & Agile Coach

Elke Bögel

Coach & Visual Facilitator

Daniela Baron-Breu

Change Communication Expert

Edgar Volpert

Executive Coach  &
Leadership Trainer

Dawn Hodorowski

Leadership & Personal Development Trainer

International presence


With team members and partners located in different locations in the world, we can act globally on projects.
Get in touch with us for your international enquiries.

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Meet us in our office

Neue Balan “Campus der Ideen”
Balanstr. 73 – House 9 – 81541 Munich, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)89 1222 496-00
Email: office@cambiana.com

Or join us for a swim in our pool!

Cambiana’s head office is located in the center of Munich in a former industrial area hosting innovative companies & start-ups from the design, robotics, web, media & fashion sectors.

They trust Cambiana

Cambiana is guiding the leadership development of global companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurial ventures everywhere in Europe – since 2012.

Management team

Vesna Gajic

Digital Learning
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Valérie Schuepbach

Marketing & Communications
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